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"Gospel-centered" refers to the Biblical philosophy of ministry that keeps the gospel message at the center of all ministry, whether to believers or unbelievers. Belief in the gospel is the means by which we enter God’s kingdom; and it is also the means by which we make all progress in the kingdom. The good news of the gospel - that we can be saved from the wrath of God - contains both the power and motivation for salvation, and everything within salvation. As a community centered on the gospel we are anticipating unbelievers and believers to increasingly believe and apply the gospel to every area of
their lives. 


As a community of followers of Jesus we eagerly pursue the presence, power, fruit and gifts of God’s Spirit, as mentioned in the Bible. We believe that all believers should heed the Biblical call to be filled with the Spirit, and remain filled, throughout their lives.


As a community we want to drive everything we do through the vehicle of meaningful relationships, where our community relates to each other as family. Genuine love and affection for one another is an expression of the gospel, and we want that to be experienced by those on the outside and inside of our community. Sharing our lives in the context of meaningful relationships becomes the means to which we communicate and express the truths of the gospel and participate in discipleship and mission.


Because Jesus himself made disciples and commissioned all believers to be and make disciples, our goal is for every believer to become a disciple-making disciple. As a community of followers of Jesus we want to know Jesus, become like Jesus and do the things that Jesus did. The gospel gives us a new identity and the Spirit empowers us to live in light of this new identity. 


We are convinced that God intends churches to be outward-focused mission agencies (both locally and globally); and that he intends all believers to be fishers of men. As such, we desire our church to be specifically equipped and inspired to serve our city and win people to Christ collectively.