JUNE 28, 2020

During this pandemic, we are moving our gatherings from our building to homes. Below is a guide to help assist your house church gathering.

The video is meant to be a resource for your morning gathering, but it’s not meant to be played and watched alone. We’re encouraging participation from all present. Let’s set our hearts on Jesus together as we worship, pray, read scripture, receive the elements, sit under the teaching of God’s word and fellowship together.

learning groups

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For the best experience spend some time to prepare for your House Church service. Below are a few tips:

1) Read the guide ahead of time. 
Whoever is going to be responsible for leading your service should:
• Read the guide and familiarize yourself with the timeline
• Prepare to lead people through communion
• Spend some time in prayer that the Holy Spirit would move powerfully

2) Gathering everything you need ahead of time.
• Bible
• Pen and paper to take notes.
• Bread and juice for communion

3) Limit as many distractions as possible
• Silence phones
• Situate pets
• Feed kids ahead of time



Singing with a small group of people may take some getting used to, especially if no one present is musically inclined. But even if it’s a little awkward, worship is an essential practice for believers as they gather together.

Let’s decide to ensure that we’re going to push through any apprehension and have our worship be a meaningful expression of our devotion to God. In worship, we turn our attention and affection towards God and express our love and trust in Him.

We’ve provided a worship set for you in our House Church video, but If you have someone in your group who can lead worship, feel free to pause our video while you worship together. While you worship together we encourage the reading of scripture. A Psalm works particularly well during this time. We also suggest you spend sometime expressing gratitude taking turns leading out.



Take some time to pray together as we look to Jesus, remember what he's done for us, and celebrate the hope we have in him.

For practicals on taking communion, use the resource below.



Head to the 20 minute mark in the video resources to watch this week's message.



At the conclusion of the message we'll have one final song. Spend a few minutes worshiping, and praying for our hearts, each other, our church, and our world.