Our Community Bible Reading Plan is going on now!

Community Bible Reading Plan

January 9 - April 7

Reading Plan

Reading the Bible daily is one of the most important practices for thriving as a follower of Jesus. This year we're kicking off a Community Bible Reading Plan to grow together in meaningfully connecting with God through His Word. The plan starts Monday, January 9 and concludes on Friday, April 7, which is Easter Weekend. We will walk through all four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) reading one chapter a day, and each daily reading will be paired with a Psalm. We encourage you to jump in with us at any point! You can access the full reading plan PDF by clicking the link below:

Daily Podcast

In addition to our reading plan, we also have a daily podcast launching Monday, January 9! This 10 minute podcast is designed to guide you through an intentional time with God reflecting on a specific portion of the daily reading and guiding you through the Lord's Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13). You can access the podcast at the links below:

Practical Guide 

For a more in-depth practical guide to reading the Bible and praying in a meaningful way, check out our message from January 1:

Week 13

Monday | April 3
John 17 | Psalm 144
Tuesday | April 4
John 18 | Psalm 145
Wednesday | April 5
John 19 | Psalm 146
Thursday | April 6
John 20 | Psalm 147
Friday | April 7
John 21 | Psalm 150