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The Gospel of Mark: A Day in the Life of Jesus - Brian Barr

Jul 7, 2024    Brian Barr

What can Jesus accomplish in a 24-hour period? This week, Brian Barr continued our sermon series through the book of Mark, looking at when Jesus begins His public ministry. In one astonishing day, Jesus teaches with authority, casts out demons, heals the sick late into the night, and after all this, He wakes up early in the morning to commune with His Father in Heaven. Jesus didn’t waste time; He lived with purpose. He was on a mission to invade the dark kingdom of this world and establish His own kingdom. Jesus calls us to the same purpose. He calls us to repent—to turn our allegiance from this world to Him alone—and to participate in the same works that He did. Jesus is still at work in the world today. He works through His body, the church. We should not live aimlessly, wondering what our purpose is. Jesus has given us the greatest purpose of all.

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